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Why the Fresh Concept Works

Your Fresh Laundry store boasts the most reliable, user-friendly systems available on the market today, plus sleek, modern design features that are inviting, professional, fresh and ultra-hygienic.

Our touch screen computers improve the speed of the service provided and allow for efficient business control. Our dryers and washers are electronically pre-set and operated at the push of a button.

Washers are automatically closed, with chemicals fed correctly to each machine for every wash, while dryers and washers work at high speed, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Stores are equipped by an approved manufacturer who guarantees the highest standards of reliability, durability and serviceability.

The Fresh Laundry franchise suits both new entrepreneurs and existing dry-cleaners, laundromats and coin-operators keen to expand and diversify their businesses.

We offer a fast return on investment and no penalising franchise fees – key strengths setting us apart from competitors.

The highly profitable laundry market does not demand a business background or industry experience.

Our training and support system requires only competent customer service and people skills, a willingness to work hard and the motivation to follow a proven formula.

A Fresh Laundry client will always benefit from quality service at an affordable price.

Going Solo With Support The Business

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